Baby and Child Modelling

Have people said to you that your baby or child is gorgeous and really should be a model? Do you want to make some money from your child’s acting? Well here is some advice and tips on baby and child modelling.

becoming a child model

What makes a child model?

Child models must be photogenic, happy and smiley, with clear skin and bright eyes. But they don’t have to be ‘pretty’ or cute, sometimes a quirky look with plenty of character and sparkle will go a long way for advertising companies that want to sell their client’s products.
The most important thing is temperament.

Many children are adorable to look at, however not all have the right nature to become a child model. Agencies do not take on a child if they are over shy, nervous of strangers or badly behaved.
Child models need to be co-operative, and easy going.
Temper tantrums or bad manners or sulkiness will not be tolerated.
All baby and child models must be good natured and sociable in order to put up with meeting lots of strangers.
If you have a beauty that is a bit of a shrinking violet, you may have to wait until they are better socialising, you could even consider stage school, which can help with interaction with both adults and other children.

What sort of work could my child get ?

Your child could appear anywhere from magazines to tv adverts. They could be used to advertise toys, medication, clothes or parenting products

How much money will my baby make?

Industry rates are approximately $75 per hour. TV commercials will often pay a buy out which is considerably more.

How do I get my child work?

You need to sign your child up with a modeling agency.
Send snapshot pictures of your child to relevant child agencies. There is no need to pay for expensive professional photos, snapshots will do.
Avoid agencies that demand upfront payment. Respected child modelling agencies never demand money up front.

Good luck!